Why I'm a fan of the Oregon State Beavers

I'm not.

Let me explain. I don't follow Oregon State sports because I'm a fan. I didn't graduate from Oregon State because its a good school. I don't bleed orange because I eat too many carrots. I do all of these things because I AM OREGON STATE.

Oregon State University is not your local college or that night school your cousin "graduated" from and it sure as shed is not some athletic brand subsidiary of a multinational apparel corporation headquartered in a sacrilegiously named city. Phew, sorry I get a little chippy about that one.

You may not know it, but Beavers are born that way. From our very upbringings we develop the character, leadership, stewardship, ambition, and humility that epitomizes Beaver Nation. As we mature, Corvallis, the beautifully green city nestled between the heart of the Willamette Valley and the bosom of the Coastal Range, it calls to us. Whether we yearn for the University or our children take us there, we find our home.

You cannot be a Beaver without resolve. It requires resolution to complete a rigorous education from an internationally renowned University, one of two in the nation with all four grant statuses: Land, Sea, Sun, Space. It requires resolution to both attend and remain for every game, no matter the outcome. It requires resolution to paint your car exterior in Beaver Orange and interior in Paddletail Black, yes those are real colors.

Our family is Beavers and so we follow in their footsteps. We are proud of our heritage and scholastic achievements, including outstanding programs in engineering, forestry, renewable energy, pharmacy, business & marketing, Family/Human/Sports medicine sciences, and more, all since 1868. We are proud so we give; millions of dollars for scholarships, community support, and research. Oregon State Extension services our communities where we volunteer.

I am a Beaver because being a Beaver changed my life. It gave me purpose and direction when I needed it most. It provided the resources necessary to turn an opportunity into a career, one which will serve my family for my lifetime and beyond.

Being a Beaver knows no bounds. I have met no stranger on the street that wears OSU orange and black, because those people are my family. I tip the waitress extra because she says "Go Beavs," I wait more patiently in line because the elderly gentlemen has an old school Beaver cap, I don't honk at the car that cut me off because of the OSU Alumni sticker on the bumper. I see these people as family, because they are. And then you begin to realize something magical; Beavers or not, we are all people of one family. Except Ducks, forget them.

Oregon State University is the hub for a nation. This Beaver Nation treats its university like a family treats its grandmother. Even our grandmothers do!

So no, I'm not a fan of the Oregon State Beavers. I am the Oregon State Beavers.

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