Why I'm a fan of the oregon state beavers

This goes without saying, you have to be a die hard beaver fan to endure the last few seasons :-) at least we finally got those pesky ducks! Yes! The streak is finally over!!

Coach Anderson is the man. I think he is exactly what our beat up beavers need. What a cool cat under pressure. I can't wait for this upcoming season. I think it's time beaver nation finally rises to the top again!

As you can tell I'm optimistic, but how can't you be? The right conditions are starting to come together. The new stadium is amazing! The players complex is sweet too. We got big time sponsers, so beaver nation is becoming a force to be reckoned with. Exciting stuff beaver believers!

I can tell you my experience as too why I am a fan of oregon state university now.

I grew up in Albany. Like many beaver fans, I had to sit threw many forgettable seasons. Then like a sun break appearing threw the rain, Dennis Erickson finds his way to our great nation! How exciting it was to finally be a national contender!

11-1 ring a bell anyone? How about the dismantling of the mighty men of Notre Dame? Exciting times indeed!

My favorite player of these glory days, has got to be Ocho cinco! Oh #85 You were hands down the best receiver ever to grace us with your presence. Chad went on to have a stellar NFL career, and should be heavily considered to be a hall of famer!

It's hard not to mention Steven Jackson as well. What a beast!

Ok, so I officially have beaver fever again. Any one care to join me? O S U fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!

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