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Ryan Navarro Signs UDFA Deal with Oakland Raiders

The Beavers long snapper will get a chance to set up one of the NFL’s premier punters.

Ryan Navarro practices long snapping prior to his JUCO transfer to Oregon State.

Ryan Navarro has signed a free agent deal with the Oakland Raiders after going undrafted in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Ryan Navarro spent two years at Riverside Community College before transferring to Oregon State prior to the 2015 season. As a Beaver, Navarro won the starting long snapper job and played in all 24 games during his junior and senior season. Navarro was more than a stereotypical long snapper though, as he was often seen flying downfield in an effort to make a tackle on the opposing team’s punt returner. He managed to record six tackles over his two seasons in Corvallis and his hustle against Minnesota in 2016 earned him the opportunity to recover a muffed punt.

Should Navarro make the final team roster, he’ll be playing only a six-hour drive away from his hometown of Marietta, CA. If he is still a Raider when the team moves from Oakland to Las Vegas, he’ll then be only a three-hour drive away. Getting this chance with this particular franchise, Navarro will get to work with one of the NFL’s brightest young talents: Oakland Raiders punter—and second-team All-Pro—Marquette King, who has a booming personality (he dances after each punt) to go with a booming leg.