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Dam Answers Mailbag #2

Featuring thoughts on Oregon State’s bowl game prospects, Ryan Nall and more

NCAA Football: Arizona at Oregon State Cole Elsasser-USA TODAY Sports

This is the second ever entry in our new weekly-ish series where we answer your questions about all things, not just Oregon State (but mostly Oregon State). Keep a lookout for our next call for questions coming later and check below to see if we answered one of yours!

If Ryan Nall can stay healthy next season, on a scale of 0 to Oregon State baseball, how dominant will he be? 1200+ yards? And does he leave early for the NFL with a great year?

Posted by editsstate

Joe Londergan: Nall’s set for a great year. He was only about 50 yards shy of a 1000 yard season last year if I recall correctly. I think weather or not he hits that 1200 yard mark will depend a lot on the O-Line, particularly how fast the three new starters can grow into the role and if they can stay healthy. I talked about that group a few weeks back. As far as leaving early, I really really doubt it, but stranger things have happened.

Travis Johannes: I don’t really have much to add to what Joe said, but this seems like a great opportunity to share my favorite gif in the world. I hope it brings you all as much joy as it does me.

Which current OSU baseball players have a shot at making it to the Majors? (Who's gonna be the next Ellsbury, Conforto, Barney etc.)

Posted by Beavs23

TJ: This is a loaded question as there are several current OSU players that have a good chance of making the bigs one day. Luke Heimlich, Jake Thompson and KJ Harrison were all recently selected as top 100 draft prospects, which would see them get drafted in the first 3 rounds(or so) of the 2017 draft meaning they are viewed as guys with a real chance at reaching the majors one day. Drew Rasmussen has a very good chance as well, but his draft stock is in question as he returns from Tommy John surgery. Whether he pitches or not this season there is little doubt some team will take a flier on him during the draft, the question will be if it is high enough to entice him to leave school early.

If we take a look at next years draft class Nick Madrigal and Cadyn Grenier are both projected as high picks, some have even viewed Madrigal as an early first round type guy, while Grenier nearly went in the first round out of high school, but the St Louis Cardinals didn’t offer enough money for him to commit to forgoing his college eligibility. Meanwhile Trevor Larnach, though currently in a slump, has impressed many around college baseball, and could get drafted somewhat early next year if he can cut down on his strike out numbers. Freshmen Adley Rutschman was drafted in 2016 by the Seattle Mariners, and the defensively sound catcher will turn some heads the next few years as his bat develops much like former Beav Logan Ice. Jake Mulholland will also be popping up on scouts radars sooner rather than later with the way he has pitched early in his career.

Needless to say the Beavs are not short on MLB talent, and while it is doubtful that all the guys I listed will make the majors, there could be some later round surprises as well.

Will Oregon State Football be in a bowl game in 2017?

Joe Londergan: I don’t think they’re too far off. If you think about it, they were really only two touchdowns away from doing it last year with those two close losses to Utah and Washington State. I’m leaning about 60% yes on this one.

TJ. I believe they have a very good chance this year. ESPN has them pegged for 5 wins, which could actually get them bowl eligible, but I believe they can reach 6 wins and guarantee a spot in the bowl schedule so Ryan Nall can get some sweet sweet bowl swag.

Will the Beavs have 2 running backs reach 1000 yards this year?

TJ: I have a hard time seeing that happen, given the change in offensive scheme and the addition of the RB from TCU. I think Nall can eclipse that number if he can stay healthy and while Artavis Pierce has the talent to reach that number, I envision Johnson 'stealing' some of his reps. Having 3 talented backs is a good ‘problem’ to have for Gary Andersen and staff.

Marcus Russell: Since Gary Andersen has taken over as Oregon State’s head coach the Beavers having been very productive on the ground. Running for 2300 yards as a team in 2016 and 2128 yards in 2015. In both seasons they failed to produce a 1000-yard rusher though. Also, it appears we will see a renewed emphasis on the passing game this year, so while I am optimistic that Ryan Nall will reach 1000 yards the ball will be spread-out too much for the Beavers to produce two 1000-yard rushers.

Regarding Isaac Garcia: Do you know if he will be academically eligible for this summer/fall? -Thomas

Joe: Garcia used a gray shirt in 2016, so he’s still got his four years left to play. In terms of his eligibility, as far we know he’s still not able to play. Hopefully he’ll have time to get done what he needs to over the summer.

MR: It appears that Isaac Garcia’s academic eligibility is still in limbo when it comes to the NCAA. Unfortunately, very little is being said about his situation. The coaching staff is hopeful that he will be cleared in time for the season, but nothing is definite at this time.

I know the PAC 10/12 record is 23 games straight but what’s the NCAA baseball record for most consecutive games won?

Posted by schlitty's beautiful beaver

Joe Londergan: So funny story, 23 isn’t the Pac-12 record. OSU published this in their preview for the Gonzaga game:

“Due to an incorrect listing in the Pac-12 Conference record book, the Beavers did not tie the league record for consecutive wins with Sunday's victory. Arizona State won 24 straight in 2010...”

The longest winning streak in NCAA history is 44 games which was set by Savannah State, which was a D2 school at the time (2000). If we’re talking strictly D1, Texas and Florida Atlantic both had 34 consecutive wins in 1977 and 1999 respectively. Oddly enough, that ‘77 Texas team didn't even make the postseason And the ‘99 FAU team didn't get out of the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Sports are weird.

Wide Receivers

Who ends up as the starting trio when we open the season at CSU? We started last year with VBJ, Seth, and Vitamin (as a former season ticket holder behind me used to call him), with TIMMAY taking Seth’s place at the end of the season. I know they’re going to rotate them pretty regularly, but who is going to get the starting nods?

Posted by 2008Beav

TJ: The Seth Collins situation will play into this quite a bit, there has been talk that he will redshirt as he is still recovering from his scary bout with Meningitis. Assuming Collins is out I am hoping that Villamin shows enough in fall camp to be included in the starting group, cause at his best he can be a game changing wide receiver. I would guess he will be flanked by Bradford and Big Time Timmy Jim Hernandez, but with the evolving offensive scheme Isaiah Hodgins and Andre Bodden will get their fair share of reps as well. The most important question will be if we have a QB who can consistently get them the ball.