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The Dam Q&A- Send Us Your Dam Questions!

We’ll give you our Dam answers!

Hello friends, fans, foes and people who accidentally stumbled upon this blog while Googling “how to build a dam”. We here at Building The Dam want to give back to you, our loyal readers, and are here to help you navigate life, love, friendship and of course all things Oregon State. So send us your burning questions, whether it be “What player needs to breakout for OSU to reach a bowl game?”, “If my friend roots for the Ducks when they aren’t playing against Oregon State, are they really my friend?” or “Do you consider Ketchup a smoothie?” our “experts” are here to help. Just send us a question via the comment section below, our Twitter @BuildingTheDam or our facebook page and we’ll answer them in our inaugural edition of Dam Q&A! Also email them to Or even slide into our DMs. Anything handwritten is out though because we don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.