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Tres Tinkle hits an amazing one-handed behind the back shot with his good wrist

I’m still so sad about his other wrist though.

NCAA Basketball: Oregon State at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Look at that. Look at that perfect wrist just for one second and forget about the other wrist. And then... He turns around. And the ball goes in. But there it is. The cast. That terrible, no good, very bad cast. I am so sad about Tres Tinkle’s wrist.

Tomorrow, the Pac-12 Network will be airing a feature on Tres Tinkle and a behind-the-scenes look inside Oregon State’s season. They teased the episode today via twitter, as part of their All-Access series (the All-Access series is one of the better things that the Pac-12 Network has produced so it’s worth a watch). In the preview, there are interviews with head coach Wayne Tinkle (who misses a three in a heartwarming game of what I assume to be father-son Horse) and with Stevie Thompson, Jr. Both talk about what Tres means to the team and how his injury has impacted morale and the Beaver’s season.

Though I know it won’t have a chance of making it into the mini-series, the obvious and most burning question on everyone who’s made it this far without completely changing over to baseball season and trying to put this basketball season behind us is this: Will Tres Tinkle appeal to the Pac-12 for a medical redshirt? He would certainly be eligible, though there are no guarantees that the exemption would be granted to him.

Give tomorrow’s episode a watch when it airs at 6:30 during the Pac-12 Hoops Preview show. And light another candle and cry one more night for Tres Tinkle’s wrist.