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Beavs Snag 11 Recruits on Early Signing Day

The first batch of the 2018 OSU recruits is officially signed...

NCAA Football: Colorado at Oregon State Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Usually, we have to wait for February to get a glimpse at the Beavs recruiting class. However, Jonathan Smith and his coaching staff received an early Christmas thanks to the new National Early Signing Day. The first group of recruits for the Beavs officially signed their letters of intent yesterday, which means we have more Beaver Football to talk about.

In total, the Beavs snagged 11 recruits, good for 87th overall in the country according to 247 sports. Now, don’t fret yet, Beaver fans. The Beavs low recruiting class ranking is due largely in part to only snagging 11 recruits. The average score for all OSU recruits is higher than many other teams ahead of the Beavs, but the lack of more recruits is what brings the grade down. Quality over quantity for now, as we will pick up more recruits in February on National Signing Day. Coach Smith himself reaffirms this argument, “We weren’t gonna let the early signing period dictate our whole class,” Smith said. “We’ll probably sign the same number come February, give or take one or two.”

The Beavs recruiting class features a large contingency from the Pacific Northwest. Smith has come out and stated how important local recruiting is to him, so it is nice to see him put his money where his mouth is. Smith reiterated this in a post-NSD press conference, “Obviously, we're going to go anywhere with players that we think fit this place, but it's important for us to know and identify local kids," Smith stated. "I think we've started doing a good job of that.”

Some of these local players include QB Jake Dukart, whom everyone on the staff is high on. “He was able to come on an official visit here with us. He's well-rounded -- elite baseball player and really good football player. I know Steve Coury really, really well -- the head coach at Lake Oswego. In getting to talk to Steve and asking around the school and meeting his family, I think [Jake] is a really good athlete and quarterback. I've watched a lot of film on him the last three weeks, and I think he's a really good fit for our place.”

So, stud QB? Check. Stud baseball player? Check. Loves Local Boyz? Double check (We’re assuming. Who doesn’t love Local Boyz?). By our estimations, Dukart is a nice snag, coach.

Overall, this will be about half of the total recruiting class, and it is a solid start. There’s a lot of excitement about this class, so we can’t wait to see more of what’s to come from J-Smitty and the rest of the gang.

For more information on each recruit, check below for a brief player summary with a link to 247 Sports Player Summaries:

Quarterback. 6’2”. 180 lbs. Lake Oswego Senior. Lake Oswego, OR

Defensive Tackle. 6’1”. 285 lbs. Berean Christian. Walnut Creek, CA

Tight End. 6’4”. 220 lbs. Dorsey. Los Angeles, CA

Offensive Guard. 6’4”. 260 lbs. Vacaville. Vacaville, CA

Cornerback. 6’1”. 180 lbs. Stellar Prep. Hayward, CA

Weakside-Defensive End. 6’7”. 240 lbs. Southridge. Beaverton, OR

Safety. 6’1”. 199 lbs. St Louis School. Honolulu, HI

Outside Linebacker. 6’2”. 210 lbs. Cathedral. Los Angeles, CA

Tight End. 6’6”. 240 lbs. West Linn. West Linn, OR

Athlete. 5’11”. 180 lbs. Lamar. Houston, TX

Wide Receiver. 6’0”. 182 lbs. Mount Sl. Snoqualmie, WA.

Let us know your thoughts on the Beavs activity on National Early Signing Day! Send us some comments below!