A Promising Future Behind Cory Hall

This season is another disappointing seasons for the Oregon State Beavers. First three games weren’t pretty, losing the first two and then barely beating Portland State. Losing their starting qb to an injury, then halfway through the season Gary Anderson the head coach quits. The first half of the season was hard for Beaver fans, not a lot to root for, but Beaver fans will always find at least one thing to enjoy in a season like this. Cory Hall was named the temporary head coach, he brought a phenomenal atmosphere to the team. Young, energetic, and inspirational are all words I would use to describe Cory Hall. But most importantly he made his players believe in themselves.

The Oregon State Beavers brought a new vibe with Cory Hall. His first game as head coach was very entertaining, the team finally played one complete game. They didn’t stop in the second half, the Beavers played all four quarters. Sadly they lost 36-33 to Colorado but there was promise with this team. Then battled with Stanford in a low scoring game, the lost 15-14 in the last 20 seconds of the game. Cory Hall has given the players and the fans life.

Oregon State’s defensive line has been sub par but the cornerbacks, linebackers, and safety’s have player great in my opinion. What makes this Oregon State very promising is they are all very young and Cory Hall specializes in cornerbacks. He was a NFL cornerback for seven years and with a coach that is young and relatable the players will get behind him.

Hopefully the Oregon State Beavers will become a contender a real threat in the PAC 12 and with Cory Hall leading them I think it is possible. As of right now the beavers are (1-9) hopefully they finish the year strong and Cory Hall is named the head coach. If Cory Hall is named the official head coach I think the players will do great things next season. I know most Beaver fans always say, "next year will be better" but this time I honestly think next season will because with Cory Hall the team has a real purpose.

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