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It's Sweet 16 Time!

Gonzaga, and Portland native Kyle Wiltjer, are still dancing!
Gonzaga, and Portland native Kyle Wiltjer, are still dancing!
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With only Oregon left in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament from the Pac-12, or in the NIT for that matter, unless you are a Duck fan, or a Women's Basketball fan (The Pac-12 accounts for 4 of the Sweet 16 in the women's tournament, including Oregon State, who will face DePaul Saturday afternoon at or after 3 PM PDT from Dallas, TX, on ESPN, plus a team in the WNIT 4th round, as Oregon, snubbed by the NCAA have made a March march), the "Sweet 16" isn't as exciting for Pac-12 based fans than a lot of us had hoped, and some expected, with 7 teams in the field, all seeded 8 or higher. But there's still plenty of "Blue Blood" ball to be had, as 14 of the teams there are from "Power-5" conferences, along with one from the Big East, sort of the 6th basketball power conference, and Gonzaga, the northwest's outlier.

The Ducks face Duke tonight just after 7 PM PDT, the second game of the TBS carried West Regional doubleheader; CBS has the South Regional doubleheader, both of which tip slightly earlier than the games in the West.

The earlier West regional game from Anaheim pits Texas A&M and Oklahoma. The South matchups in Louisville, KY, are Miami-Villanova and Maryland-Kansas.

The 'Zags, as an 11 seed, will be in tomorrow night's second game from Chicago, IL, on CBS at around or shortly after 6:40 PM PDT, the game that will ensure a double digit seed is in the Elite 8 this weekend, as they will face 10th seed Syracuse in the second Midwest Regional. The winner will get the winner of the earlier Virginia-Iowa State game, also on CBS, at 4:10 PM PDT. It's only the 4th time that 2 double digit seeds have met in the round of 16.

Tomorrow also sees the East Regional from Philadelphia, PA, on TBS, with Wisconsin meeting Notre Dame just before 4:30 PM PDT, and Indiana-North Carolina to follow, at about 7 PM.