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Oregon State Up To #4 After Surprise Success

Oregon State had a good weekend, and edged upward in the rankings as a result.
Oregon State had a good weekend, and edged upward in the rankings as a result.

After an opening weekend in Arizona that saw Oregon State win 3 of their first 4 games, but suffer an upset and have to really scrap for a couple of the other wins, the Beavers had a good weekend against the Kansas teams, taking 2 2 run wins and 2 blowout wins. As a result, they moved up to #4 in this week's top 25 rankings.

Florida remains #1, and Vanderbilt and Texas A&M moved up to 2 & 3, after former #2 Louisville split 4 games, losing 2 of 3 in their visit to now 17th ranked Ole Miss, and dropped to #5.

Oregon took 3 of 4 from Illinois State in their home opener series, and remained #9. California recovered from a rough opening weekend, with a win over San Francisco, who will be in Corvallis in 2 weeks to take on Oregon State, and then swept Purdue, and edged up from 13th to #12.

UCLA took lopsided losses against Long Beach State and Cal-Poly, to go with a 1 run win over Cal-Poly and an absolute blowout win, and dropped significantly, from 14th to 21st as a result.

USC won 3 of 4, including 2 of 3 against Wake Forest, with a 1 run loss sandwiched in, and still dropped from 21st to 22nd.

Fullerton State is the only other western team ranked, and a 3 game sweep of Indiana elevated the Titans from 25th to 23rd.

Oregon State heads to San Diego this weekend, where they will wrap a pair of games against the Toreros on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon around, apparently, a coed softball game against William and Mary.