Gameday Weather Report Cougs Vs the Beavs 10/29/2016

On October 29th 2016, the Beavers face off against the Cougs for there annual Northwest brawl. Pre game show starts at 7:00PM (1900) PDT. Early, Early, Early per-game 9:30pm you should see highs in the low 50s mostly cloudy 40 to 50% chance of rain. Tail gate weather much of the same with temps. reaching the lower 60s with winds shifting from the south to the North East by game time. Kickoff time, 7:45PM temps. drop into the low 50s with the chance of rain dropping to 20%. I'd still bring two layers just for the chill as the game pushes more into Sunday.

This will not be another wet and wild run off as we saw in the last home game vs Cal. On the other hand, It seems that that high powered "Bear Raid" offences used the run to combat the Beavers' and weather; I didn't think the weather was that bad nor will it be for this game. But, who knows what some teams will be from week to week. I guess, what I'm sayings is watch out for some runs and quick pass, pass, passes from the Cougs. The Cougs, can have long plays if the Beavers' DBs sleep on plays or get sucked up to defend the treat of the run.

The Beavers offence needs to be on track with the running game. Lets see who comes back or can keep stepping up in this game as the Beavers' have players that can do both. The O line from what I can tell has been holding it's line. If Marcus McMaryion can finds his footwork both while throwing and with some runs the Beavers will see a lot of improvement. At the very least the offence needs make first downs and take some time with the clock thus, helping to rest the defense.

Special teams need to at least play average so not to give up field position and to make field goals to give the offence a boast of scoring points. The special teams have not been all that special as of late. They had been a good bright spot earlier in the season. So for a win, they'll have a big part to play.

All and all it should not be too bad out there tomorrow both weather wise and the game play on the field. As always, My belief is that a game that is close in to the 3rd quarter is fine by me. So, you should still bring extra socks. You never know when you'll need them.

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