2015 Beavers Football: A Different Feeling

As we count down to the end of Summer and look to another year of Beavers' Football we feel as if the unknown is there. My question is what unknown is that? Could it be a year with a Freshmen quarter and other key position changes or the year of new offensive and defensive plays. Nope I say it is a new everything for a simple fan culture but I could be wrong.

As many know I'm not a person of numbers or players skill set. Heck, half the time I truly can't tell you the states of the players. When I watch the Beaver it is for the pure sake of it. So if we look at the Beavers from a simples fans point of view like mine it shows a different sort of view. So to me the biggest change is the feeling of the team. It is this new feeling that is the difference.

For example lets time travel and make it so that Riley did not leave. What sort of feeling would you have about the Beavers football season? For me it would be one of the same old same old but with a new cast. This team I would fell would go maybe a 4-8 maybe even 3-9. Now if you think about it if there are six home game and your team wins 3 of those that is a .500 win % so you saw in person your team winning half of its games and lose half of it games. That is not that bad. Sure, the Beavers will lose a lot of game on the road but if I don't see them in person it will not be as bad.

Now we have the Andersen era things seem different. In my option this year even if the Beavers go 3-9 or 2-10 it will feel like it is building up to something. Sure we may not know the out come of this being good or bad. The New coaching change is different enough and being just above .500 should not be the goal. To me it is like the Washington State change to Leach. I'm not judging Leach to Andersen here I'm alluding to the feeling of the change. I just hope we don't have like 5 more of these coaching changes in the next 10 years

I know not a lot of substance here but some time it is good to feel different.

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