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Dashon Hunt Takes Medical Retirement

Oregon St. fans will long remember Dashon Hunt for his hit that sent quarterback Seth Collins flipping head over heels in this year's spring game, above. That memory will have to do, as Hunt has announced his retirement from football.

"It was truly a blessing to have been apart of the #OregonStateFootball team, but sadly my days of playing is over due to a condition that I was born with called #SpinalStenosis," Hunt announced today on his Instagram account.

"This team will forever be my team, and I will always support every single brother of mine on it through their football careers and life. And a message to all my teammates "just because I can't play on the field with yall, best believe I'ma be on the sideline helping and watching yall strive towards greatness, because our team is bound for great accomplishments in these upcoming years. I love all y'all as my own brothers, and I'll always be here for every last one of yall" And to everyone else who has supported me throughout my career, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart and God Bless you all" Hunt added.

Hunt, a 5'8", 189 lb. sophomore cornerback from Simi Valley, CA, was expected to contend for a starting spot in the Oregon St. secondary this season, after splitting time with Larry Scott last season.

But when Scott came to camp this spring having grown up both physically and mentally, and laid claim to not only a starting corner spot, but a team leader role, and redshirt freshman Dwayne Williams emerged as the regular starter at the other corner over the course of the spring scrimmages and the spring game, it appeared Hunt would likely find himself in the nickel spot, at least against pass-heavy opponents.

Hunt's departure leaves only Scott and safeties Jalen Strong and Cyril Noland-Lewis as the only members of the Oregon St. secondary with any meaningful minutes in their career.

It could well open a door for junior Kendall Hill, who switched from WR to DB during spring camp. Redshirt junior transfer Devin Chappell from Division II Western Oregon and senior Naji Patrick also showed well at times this spring, and the departure of Hunt will provide them a chance to claim a spot in the rotation over the summer and fall as well.