Deja Vu All Over Again

As a '77 graduate of OSU I regularly attended football games, mostly because as a student it was free, plus it was usually a good party in the student section. On occasion the Beavers would do something positive on the field and it would distract us from the wine-filled bota bags we were drinking from. Having experienced the '73-'76 seasons with Dee Andros and Craig Fertig at the helm, I believe I could count the number of conference wins during those four seasons on one hand. Now, after watching the games this season, it looks like more of the same. Some might say it's a rebuilding year, but as long as I see Beaver players "smoking and joking" on the sidelines as the team gets pummeled on the field - 41-0 at this point in the 4th Quarter - I can't help but think of the scene in the movie "Money Ball" when Brad Pitt walks into the locker room after a loss when he hears the players joking around, asking them if they enjoyed losing. I have no idea what the atmosphere is like in the Beaver locker room after each loss, but if it mimics their behavior on the sidelines while they are having their butts handed to them on the field, then they have a much larger problem then poor football skills. And for the coaching staff to condone this, is, in my humble opinion, part of the problem. Losing for the Beaver football team appears to have become the norm, and worse yet, acceptable, and based upon the smiling Beavers on the sideline, it's also fun.

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