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Chappell In, Lucas Out, And Storm's Future

News continues to dribble out about the stats of the situation at Oregon State.
News continues to dribble out about the stats of the situation at Oregon State.

As we approach the Civil War Friday, we have learned a little more about the state of the Beavers.

It's been increasingly difficult with the in over their head (on a number of fronts) nature of the still growing into a professional staff, especially coupled with the leaky sieve system of information dispersal leaks, and a sub-element of local media that regularly participates in gamesmanship and withholding of information that it is their journalistic charge to disseminate, but it eventually has come out that WR turned RB Paul Lucas, who left the Washington game with a leg injury, will not play against Oregon. Ryan Nall should see his role expanded as a result.

However, in addition to the possibility of Seth Collins playing at WR progressing to a probability, the Beavers will also get safety Devin Chappell back. And CB Dwayne Williams, who played against the Huskies, but sparingly, is expected to see more action in the secondary, which will need all the help it can get against the highly dangerous Duck wide receiver corp, and Vernon Adams.

Defensive Coordinator did say he intends to take some chances against Oregon, and at least go down swinging. The better the players taking those swings, the better chance that at least a few of those blows land; we all (Sitake included) know plenty that the Ducks throw will in any event.

Linebacker Bright Ugwoegbu likely will be back as well, but safety Justin Strong likely will not be.

Linebacker Caleb Saulo and CB Larry Scott will miss the Civil War as well.

There's no indication that KR/WR Rahmel Dockery will be back though, though who knows?

There was a bit of good news today that extends beyond this week though, as RB Storm Barrs-Woods has been invited to play in this year's Senior Bowl. It's been an injury plagued year for Woods, on top of being on one of the bottom 5 FBS teams in the country as it appears Oregon State will wind up, and that can have a very negative impact on future prospects, so it's good to see that the storm clouds around the program didn't totally obscure Storm.