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Civil War Will Be At 1 PM

It's almost time to try to beat this guy again!
It's almost time to try to beat this guy again!
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This year's battle in the Civil War between Oregon State and Oregon will be fought at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, on the day after Thanksgiving (which we have known for months). But we now know when the first shots will be (officially) fired, and where those watching from a safe distance away will need to look to watch, as Fox Sports has set their TV schedule for the day.

The Civil War will be at 1 PM, and will air on Fox Sports 1.

It's a welcome relief from all the in the dark finishes fans have had to deal with, but its also yet another piece of odd scheduling, as Fox also set the Apple Cup for 12:30 PM, on FOX.

The Civil War and Apple Cup contests have made for a good doubleheader for northwest fans in recent years, but this ensures fans will be divided this year. When ESPN and FOX shoot each other in the foot in the spirit of competition, at least it can make some sense, but this way FOX has cut out what would have been substantial cross viewership from their own audience, and their own advertisers.

So much for either sane scheduling, or sane management of the Conference and CFB business models. But you probably already suspected both were a little shaky.