First Beavers' Basketball game of the year is here

On Nov. 14 2015, the Beavers basketball team begins another year. The season starts against Northwest Christian game time is 4:30 and it can bee seen on the Pac-12 Network (sorry most of everyone). Northwest Christian is coached by former Duck player Luke Jackson; as a player Jackson was part of the 2002 elite eight team. For the Beavers coach Wayne Tinkle is back after his first year in which he lead a rebuilding Beavers squad to a surprising 17-14 (8-14) campaign with a record setting 15-2 home record. As we look to another Beavers basketball season it reminds me of the good and bad a season can bring.

I've been to a few non-conference games in my time I try to go to one or two early season games. One of these game was back in 2012. The Beavers football team was going to play in the Alamo Bowl that year. Heck, they even gave us free Alamo Bowl shirts. This game was my son's first basketball game. Sure, The Beavers were playing Towson who was 5-8 at the time. But the Beavers would still would go on to lose 66-67 in OT. Yet, it was still a good experience.

It is in the experience of the games that I remember. Having to making sure my son had enough snacks to hold him over during the game. Driving down Highway twenty before noon to get there early to buy tickets and to mill about. Being in old Gill Coliseum that was mostly empty because the student section was gone for the holidays. Having the rafters seats so my son had a place to move around with out brothering anyone. I still have those two free shirts that I got that day. Even in a lose just the event of sports helps to make lasting impressions. But if the team wins those stick with you too.

A win that I remember came just this past year. The Beavers were playing a 5-2 Mississippi State Bulldogs team. I don't believe there was a give away for this game or at least I don't remember it. My son being older was really into the game watching the ball go up and down the court while the Beavers held the Bulldogs to only 4 points with 11:57 left to play in the 1st half. Yet, the Beavers would only take a 23-30 lead into the half. The Beavers would go on to win 49-59. Understand this was an early season game. Yet, the building was just shocked and rocking by the way the Beavers' Defensive play this was just a brand of basketball that Beavers fans hand not seen and we loved it The student section was fuller than it had been compared to past years if my memory services me right. The cheers from my son were loud thought, he did tell me to be a little less loud. The team in this game just gave you the since of something special. By the time the game was over it just put a bounce into my feet as I carried my son on my shoulders passed the Fraternities and Sorority houses to my car for the ride home.

So as we start another Beavers' basketball season there will be wins and there will be loses. Each of these can and do hold experiences that build and crumble a season. A Win or a lose, records and stats are quickly forgotten as the season ends and flow on to another. Yet, it is the memories and experiences of these games that just gives so much more to hold on to. So here is to another Oregon State season may it be filled with more bounces then free shirts.


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