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BTD Top 25: Week 1

Very little action occurred with the first weekend of games.

Kenny Hill and the Aggies flew up the board.
Kenny Hill and the Aggies flew up the board.
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Poll:

Rank Team Points
1 Florida State 100
T-2 Oregon 91
T-2 Alabama 91
4 Oklahoma 88
5 Michigan State 86
6 Auburn 77
7 Georgia 74
8 Stanford 71
9 Ohio State 65
10 Baylor 63
11 Texas A&M 60
12 USC 58
13 LSU 56
14 UCLA 53
15 Wisconsin 39
16 Arizona State 29
T-17 South Carolina 28
T-17 Mississippi 28
T-19 Notre Dame 23
T-19 Nebraska 23
21 Clemson 22
T-22 Missouri 17
T-22 Kansas State 17
24 Oklahoma State 16
25 Texas 12

Individual Polls:

Chris Andy Kurt Robert
1 FSU Florida St. Florida State Florida St.
2 Oklahoma Alabama Alabama Michigan St.
3 Oregon Oregon Oklahoma Oregon
4 Alabama Oklahoma Oregon Auburn
5 Auburn Michigan St. Michigan State Alabama
6 Michigan State Ohio St. Texas A&M Stanford
7 Georgia Georgia Auburn Oklahoma
8 Stanford UCLA Georgia Georgia
9 Baylor Baylor Stanford LSU
10 Ohio State Stanford USC Baylor
11 USC Auburn LSU Ohio St.
12 Texas A&M USC Ohio State Texas A&M
13 Arizona State LSU Baylor USC
14 UCLA Texas A&M Wisconsin UCLA
15 LSU Nebraska UCLA Notre Dame
16 Wisconsin South Carolina Oklahoma State Mississippi
17 Clemson Wisconsin Clemson Kansas St.
18 South Carolina Arizona St. South Carolina Wisconsin
19 Ole Miss Kansas St. Missouri Nebraska
20 Notre Dame Mississippi Notre Dame Missouri
21 Texas Duke Mississippi Oklahoma St
22 Missouri Texas Arizona State Arizona St.
23 Nebraska Clemson Texas N. Carolina
24 Duke Iowa Nebraska South Carolina
25 Oklahoma State Louisville Kansas State Clemson/Duke/Arizona


There is a surprisingly big drop-off from 14 to 15, then 15 to the remainder. The polls stay fairly unison through those first 15 or so, but after that the opinions are so varied with little proof of quality so far.

South Carolina was the only real drop and the team they lost to, Texas A&M, rocketed up the standings.

LSU did beat Wisconsin, but neither team saw their stock change too much as it was close and the season has only just started.