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2014 BTD Top 25: Irish Dispute

Notre Dame is the most disagreed upon school in the ranks and rightfully so.

Notre Dame has had early success, but against poor competition.
Notre Dame has had early success, but against poor competition.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

Rank Team Points
1 FSU 99
2 Alabama 94
3 Oregon 93
4 Oklahoma 88
5 Baylor 84
6 Auburn 80
7 Texas A&M 76
8 Michigan State 68
9 Georgia 67
10 Stanford 56
T-11 UCLA 48
T-11 Ole Miss 48
13 Wisconsin 46
14 South Carolina 45
15 USC 42
16 Mississippi State 41
17 Notre Dame 40
18 Arizona State 39
19 LSU 38
20 BYU 19
T-21 Oklahoma State 18
T-21 Nebraska 18
23 Ohio State 16
24 Duke 13
25 Boston College 7

Individual Polls:

Chris Andy Kurt Robert
1 FSU Florida St. Alabama Florida St.
2 Oregon Oregon Florida State Alabama
3 Oklahoma Alabama Oklahoma Oregon
4 Alabama Oklahoma Oregon Auburn
5 Auburn Baylor Texas A&M Baylor
6 Baylor UCLA Michigan State Oklahoma
7 Michigan State Auburn Auburn Texas A&M
8 Texas A&M Texas A&M Baylor Georgia
9 Arizona State Georgia Georgia South Carolina
10 Stanford Mississippi St Mississippi Notre Dame
11 Georgia USC Mississippi State Michigan St.
12 Wisconsin Michigan St. Stanford Mississippi
13 UCLA Stanford Notre Dame Stanford
14 Ole Miss Arizona St. Wisconsin LSU
15 Notre Dame BYU USC Wisconsin
16 LSU South Carolina Clemson Nebraska
17 South Carolina Wisconsin South Carolina UCLA
19 Ohio State Boston College Oklahoma State Mississippi St.
20 Duke Mississippi UCLA Oklahoma St.
21 Oklahoma State Duke Arizona State Arizona St.
22 BYU Ohio St. BYU Ohio St.
23 Mississippi State Nebraska Nebraska Kansas St.
24 Nebraska Marshall East Carolina Duke
25 East Carolina Kansas St. Ohio State Utah


  • Notre Dame is a disputed school this week, rated up to 10th and they are unranked by Andy. They have not proven much, playing three mediocre teams and they will play another one next in Syracuse. Few teams have actually played meaningful games yet, although for most teams conference play will start and they will start to reveal themselves. The Fighting Irish will have a chance with their slate still including Stanford and Florida State, among a few other notables. There will be opportunities for them to show their true quality.
  • Mississippi State had a big win over LSU and jumped up the rankings. The Bayou Bengals dropped down the ranks, but still hung on at number 19. Clemson was also a loser on the day when the could not beat the Jameis Winston-less Seminoles and as a result they dropped straight out of the rankings.