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Oregon St. Basketball on Pac-12 Channel 21 Times

Season Schedule Released

New coach Wayne Tinkle's Oregon St. team will be on the Pac-12 channel 21 times, and not televised twice.
New coach Wayne Tinkle's Oregon St. team will be on the Pac-12 channel 21 times, and not televised twice.

The Pac-12 Network has announced the complete 2014-15 Pac-12 schedule, and their 2014-15 men's basketball broadcast schedule, which includes 146 games, and Oregon St. will be on the Pac-12 channels a conference high 21 times. Which means a conference high number of games the conference couldn't convince any other channel to carry.

With that, we now know the tip time for most of the games. All games not indicated otherwise will be on the Pac-12 Channel.

We also know the Pac-12 Conference schedule will begin and end with Civil War contests, starting at Matt Court on Sat., Jan 3, and ending on  a Wednesday, Mar. 4, at Gill Coliseum. In an unusual twist, Oregon St. won't leave the northwest in the first 4 weeks of the conference campaign, with 4 home games in their first 7, plus all 3 of the northwest road games.

The schedule includes:

Nov. 14 vs Rice, 7 PM

Nov. 18 v.s. Corban 7 PM

Nov. 21 vs. Oral Roberts 6 PM

Nov. 24 vs. Oklahoma St. in Las Vegas 5:30 PM ESPN3

Nov. 26 vs. Auburn or Tulsa in Las Vegas TBD ESPN2 or ESPN3

Dec. 3 vs. Mississippi Valley St. 9 PM

Dec. 6 at Portland 7 PM NO TV

Dec. 13 vs. Mississippi St. 1 PM

Dec. 15 vs. Grambling St. 7 PM

Dec.  18 vs. DePaul 7 PM

Dec. 21 at Quinnipiac TBS NO TV

Dec. 30 vs. UC Santa Barbara 6:30 PM

Jan. 3 at Oregon TBD ESPNU

Jan. 8 vs. Arizona St. 6 PM Fox 1

Jan. 11 vs.Arizona 7 PM Fox 1

Jan. 15 at Washington 6 PM

Jan. 17 at Washington St. 6 PM

Jan. 22 vs. UCLA 6 PM

Jan. 24 vs USC 3 PM

Jan. 28 at Arizona St. 5 PM

Jan. 30 at Arizona 7 PM

Feb. 5 vs. Washington St. 7 PM

Feb. 8 vs. Washington 1:30 PM Fox 1

Feb. 11 at UCLA 7 PM

Feb. 14 at USC 2 PM

Feb. 19 vs. Utah 8 PM

Feb. 21 vs. Colorado 8 PM

Feb. 26 at Stanford 8 PM

Mar. 1 at California 12 Noon

Mar. 4 vs. Oregon 8 PM ESPNU

At least of the games on the Pac-12, only 4 will have extremely late starts, and only 1 of those until late in the season.