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OSU FB Top 25: Gavin Andrews - 13

Current left tackle Gavin Andrews is holding up at 13th in the top 25.

Gavin Andrews should be solid anchoring the line this season.
Gavin Andrews should be solid anchoring the line this season.
Andy Wooldridge

2013 Recap:

Andrews was going to be the starter at right tackle last year, and he trained that way for all of fall camp. When the time came though, he came down with mononucleosis, and he lost weight and could never really recover as the season went along. It was a difficult year for a talented player, but as the season continued he did work in a little bit.

2014 Outlook:

Now a year removed from his disease Andrews has slid over to left tackle and is line to start there. He may currently be the best offensive lineman for OSU, with Isaac Seumalo out with a foot injury. He is a mountain of a man at 6' 6" and 340 lbs, and he was probably best suited for right tackle. He is a powerful guy, but hopefully has the quickness to hold up at left tackle, which shows he has not been moved since he landed at left tackle.

He has serious potential, hopefully he can hold up against speed rushers, but with his strength he should be just fine against power rushers. He should be a plus in the run game too, with him expected to play right tackle you would hope for a mauler, and Andrews can hopefully deliver on that promise. With his size and with some athleticism, he should be able to anchor the line and help deliver a much stronger run game. It is all a bit uncertain on what exactly he can do, as he has never really played meaningful snaps, but the coaching staff believed in him last year, and still seem to believe this year. The fans can probably trust him too.