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BTD 2014 Bracket Leaderboard - Regionals

Here is a score update after the weekend devastated just about every bracket.

Only destruction was left in the wake of regionals weekend.
Only destruction was left in the wake of regionals weekend.
Stephen Dunn

After the weekend the brackets are extremely and absurdly torn up. Here are the top contestants so far:

Place Name Points
T-1 Coachnip13 9
T-1 Xami 9
T-3 timho 8
T-3 RaysnNoles 8
T-3 tpizzola11 8
T-3 Sahr 8
T-3 DodgerMatt 8
T-8 TimStoeckle 7
T-8 RBernards 7
T-8 yesh222 7
T-8 Nappy265988 7
T-8 StevenB606 7
T-8 MikeTTU 7
T-8 BrettBainter 7
T-8 Heidi Bainter 7
T-15 Marshall Weber 6
T-15 mancow_1 6
T-15 BDotEvans 6
T-15 Wahoo2012 6
T-15 ocho_ocho 6
T-15 Brettbirdsong12 6
T-15 MB3 6
T-15 ConnorOSU 6
T-23 GTNate 5
T-23 fsutiger1276 5
T-23 borgguy 5
T-23 Graham Coffelt 5
T-23 mancow 5
T-23 schlitty's 5
T-23 Debbie Bainter 5
T-23 Chuck Bainter 5
T-23 HurricaneKane 5
T-31 NoVaBurgher 4
T-31 samikl14 4
T-31 OregonG20 4
T-31 mancow_2 4
T-35 Ednold 3
T-35 Florida Beaver 3
T-35 BeaverBobb 3

I will update the page tomorrow with everyone else, but in the meantime you can look at this spreadsheet of all the picks. Anything green is correct, and anything in red is already ruled out. Feel free to check my math, as I am merely human and not a computer (clearly shown by my bracket).

Here are some fun tidbits also:

  • Only NoVaBurgher got the Kennesaw State pick right.
  • Not a single person got the Corvallis regional correct (everyone said Oregon State).
  • 3 people got the Maryland pick correct.
  • Only 2 people got the Houston pick correct.
  • timho has the most CWS picks still possible with 7. The closest to that is 5.
  • Only eight brackets still have their champion in the field. Those champion picks are Virginia, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, TCU, and Vanderbilt.
  • 19 brackets do not have a team left in the finals.
  • Only 2 brackets have both teams left in the finals.
  • 1 bracket has been completely eliminated.