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2014 BTD Bracket Challenge Leaderboard - Super Regionals

Things have started to separate at the top, but a handful of brackets still have a chance with their champion left.

Virginia is the favorite to win it all and one contestant still needs them to do it.
Virginia is the favorite to win it all and one contestant still needs them to do it.
Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the updated leaderboard with a new leader on top!

Place Name Points Max Score
1 timho 18 22
T-2 TimStoeckle 17 29
T-2 Heidi Bainter 17 17
4 Sahr 16 28
T-5 RaysnNoles 14 14
T-5 Wahoo2012 14 26
T-7 Coachnip13 13 13
T-7 StevenB606 13 13
T-7 Xami 13 25
10 tpizzola11 12 24
T-11 borgguy 11 11
T-11 Graham Coffelt 11 15
T-11 Nappy265988 11 15
T-11 MikeTTU 11 11
T-11 Brent Bainter 11 11
T-11 Chuck Bainter 11 11
T-17 NoVaBurgher 10 14
T-17 ConnorOSU 10 14
T-17 mancow_1 10 22
T-17 BDotEvans 10 10
T-17 DodgerMatt 10 10
T-17 Brettbirdsong12 10 14
T-23 RBernards 9 9
T-23 yesh222 9 9
T-23 GTNate 9 9
T-23 fsutiger1276 9 9
T-23 Debbie Bainter 9 9
T-23 HurricaneKane 9 9
T-29 MB3 8 12
T-29 samikl14 8 8
T-29 OregonG20 8 8
T-29 Marshall Weber 8 20
T-29 mancow_2 8 8
T-29 ocho_ocho 8 12
T-35 Florida Beaver 7 11
T-35 mancow 7 7
T-35 schlitty's 7 11
T-35 BeaverBobb 7 7
39 Ednold 3 3

Again if anyone wishes to view my scoresheet in order to double check your scores (Xami found a mistake last week so don't be shy).


  • Only four potential champions are left. Virginia, TCU, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt are the only remaining selected teams.
  • Potential Scenario: Virginia wins out. TimStoeckle has the highest remaining score with UVA as his champ and would win.
  • Potential Scenario #2: TCU wins out. Xami wins out from the TCU champ pick.
  • Potential Scenario #3: Mississippi wins out. Tpizzola11 would win as the lone Ole Miss champion choice.
  • Potential Scenario #4: Vanderbilt wins out and TCU does not make the final. Mancow_1 would win. If TCU makes the final and Vandy takes the title it comes down to a tiebreaker with timho.
  • There are a number of other scenarios but these are simple enough for me to actually understand.
  • The only completely missed super regional was the matchup with Oklahoma State and UC Irvine. Those Anteaters are resilient.
  • A mere two people got Texas Tech correct and only three got Louisville correct, which does seem a little low for one of the original hosts.
  • Texas was picked correctly in two brackets.
  • No one has two teams left in the finals.
  • In the super regional round the average score was 4.46 and the average for the total through two rounds is 10.41. So if you were one of the 16 who scored above the average congrats! You get a passing grade.
  • By my count there are 34 brackets that are mathematically eliminated.
  • 22 brackets no longer have teams left in the field.
To all those still in the game good luck!