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NCAA Baseball Bracketology: Final Projection

Where does Oregon State stand in the national picture?

Florida Is My Number One National Seed
Florida Is My Number One National Seed
Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE
Field of 64 Projections (May 21)
Gainesville Regional

1. Florida (1)
4. Bethune-Cookman*

2. Liberty
3. UCF
Louisville Regional

1. Louisville 
4. Youngstown State*

2. Arkansas
3. Kansas
Charlottesville Regional
1. Virginia (2)
4. George Mason*

2. Kentucky
3. West Virginia
Nashville Regional

1. Vanderbilt
4. Jacksonville State*

2. Nebraska
3. North Carolina
Corvallis Regional
1. Oregon State* (3)
4. Sacramento State*

2. Pepperdine*
3. Long Beach State
San Luis Obispo Regional

1. Cal Poly*
4. North Dakota State*

3. Arizona State
Tallahassee Regional

1. Florida State (4)
4. Georgia Southern*

2. Alabama
3. College of Charleston*
Oxford Regional
1. Mississippi
4. Jackson State*

2. Texas
3. Maryland
Lafayette Regional
1. Louisiana-Lafayette* (5)
4. SE Louisiana*

2. Houston*
3. Georgia Tech*
Baton Rouge Regional

1. LSU*
4. Campbell*

2. Texas Tech
3. Columbia*
Coral Gables Regional
1. Miami (Florida) (6)
4. Kennesaw State*

2. Mississippi State
3. Sam Houston State
Columbia Regional

1. South Carolina
4. Bucknell*

2. UC Irvine
3. Bryant*
Bloomington Regional
1. Indiana* (7)
4. Xavier*

2. Indiana State
3. Kent State*
Stillwater Regional

1. Oklahoma State
4. Binghamton*

2. Oregon
3. Cal State Fullerton
Fort Worth Regional
1. TCU* (8)
4. Dallas Baptist*

2. Texas A&M
3. Clemson
Houston Regional
1. Rice*
4. Siena*

2. Washington
3. San Diego State*

LAST FOUR IN: Long Beach State, North Carolina, West Virginia, Cal State Fullerton

FIRST FOUR OUT: Creighton, New Mexico, Stanford, Old Dominion

NEXT FOUR OUT: Duke, Tennessee, Evansville, NC State

Bracket Banter:

  • Florida should be the number one national seed. The SEC regular season champions have wins over Maryland (2), Florida State (2), Miami (Florida), and LSU (3). The Gators are ranked third in the RPI and first in SOS.
  • The Corvallis Regional I have concocted looks pretty enticing. I have WCC champion Pepperdine coming in as the two, Long Beach State as the three, and a rematch with Sacramento State as the four. The 49ers are on my list of the last four in the field.
  • It came down to TCU and Mississippi for the final national seed, and the Horned Frogs barely won out. They finished strong, winning the Big 12 Tournament and seven of its final eight games. Their RPI is at #11, two spots higher than the Rebels are.
  • For the Pac-12, we have one regional host (Oregon State), two teams locked into the field (Oregon and Arizona State), and one on the wrong side of the bubble (Stanford). Despite finishing with two wins against the nation's top team, USC is still too far off the radar. The Cardinal have a solid 30-23 record, but a sub 40 RPI will get them left out of the field. Oregon's punishment for a bad finish is getting shipped out to the home of the Big 12 regular season champion Oklahoma State. I've for Arizona State making the short trip up to San Luis Obispo as the three seed in that regional.