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Ben Wetzler Suspended 5 Games

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Suspension Retroactive To Last Saturday; Will Be Available Sunday

Bet Wetzler will not miss a start; it will just be delayed.
Bet Wetzler will not miss a start; it will just be delayed.

Oregon St. head baseball coach Pat Casey has announced that senior Ben Wetzler, the Beavers' usual Friday night starter, has been suspended for 5 games, retroactive to last Saturday's game, for an incident early Saturday morning.

As a result, Wetzler will be eligible to pitch Sunday against Washington, in the final game of the weekend series between second ranked Oregon St. and the fifth ranked Huskies that will probably decide the Pac-12 Championship.

After pitching the Beavers to a 4-2 win over UCLA last Friday night, Wetzler and friends partied a little to hardy, and an intoxicated Wetzler attempted to enter the wrong house early Saturday morning, mistaking his neighbor's for his own.

Wetzler was subsequently arrested and charged with a pair of misdemeanors, and released.

Wetzler told Casey about the incident Saturday, and was been in uniform for Saturday and Sunday's games against the Bruins, and Tuesday's game against Portland, though he did not and would not have played under any reasonable circumstances.

Casey announced yesterday that Wetzler would pitch this weekend, but didn't announce at the time, when, and in what capacity, saving that announcement for today.

No announcement has been made about the pitching rotation for this weekend, as Casey continues to play coy games with Washington coach Lindsay Meggs, but expect the Beavers to move Saturday starter Andrew Moore to tonight's game, and in turn move Jace Fry, who at 10-1, represents Oregon St.'s best chance to beat Tyler Davis, who is also 10-1, though that 1 loss was 3-2 to the Beavers back in February in Surprise, AZ.

More to come...