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2014 BTD Top 25: Playoff Time

The end has come and the playoff is forthcoming. The official BTD poll has a slight point of disagreement with the official.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

Rank Team Points
1 Oregon 99
2 Alabama 97
3 FSU 88
4 TCU 87
5 Ohio State 85
6 Baylor 84
7 Mississippi State 70
8 Michigan State 68
9 Kansas State 66
10 Georgia Tech 60
11 Arizona 59
12 Ole Miss 51
13 Arizona State 47
14 Wisconsin 45
15 Georgia 42
16 Boise State 41
17 UCLA 34
18 Auburn 33
19 Louisville 24
20 Missouri 21
21 Minnesota 15
22 Clemson 14
T-23 Colorado State 11
T-23 Oklahoma 11
25 Utah 10

Individual Polls:

Chris Andy Kurt Robert
1 Oregon Oregon Oregon Alabama
2 Alabama Alabama Alabama Oregon
3 FSU TCU Ohio State Florida St.
4 Baylor Florida St. Baylor TCU
5 TCU Ohio St. TCU Ohio St.
6 Ohio State Baylor Florida State Baylor
7 Michigan State Georgia Tech Mississippi St Mississippi St.
8 Mississippi State Kansas St. Kansas State Georgia Tech
9 Georgia Boise St. Michigan State Kansas St.
10 UCLA Michigan St. Arizona Michigan St.
11 Arizona Arizona Auburn Mississippi
12 Wisconsin Mississippi St. Georgia Wisconsin
13 Kansas State Arizona St. Mississippi Arizona
14 Georgia Tech Mississippi Arizona State Arizona St.
15 Ole Miss Louisville Georgia Tech Boise State
16 Arizona State UCLA LSU Clemson
17 Auburn Missouri Wisconsin Auburn
18 Boise State Wisconsin Minnesota Georgia
19 Louisville Clemson Missouri Minnesota
20 Clemson Colorado St. Oklahoma Louisville
21 Missouri Nebraska Boise State UCLA
22 Colorado State Utah Utah Oklahoma
23 USC Georgia UCLA Memphis
24 Utah Marshall USC Northern Illinois
25 Oklahoma Northern Illinois Clemson Colorado St.


This poll is still has the vote for the final playoff spot going to TCU. In the end the resumes were not that different and TCU was more impressive to our committee. They were virtually all the same so the flash that TCU had outweighed the Buckeyes.

The real solution is the oft-floated 8 team playoff. 5 power conference berths and 3 at-large. At that point every team still remaining in the talk will have substantial warts. If there are more faults with each team a decision will be easier to make. Plus with the conference champs any ties will have a back up plan so Baylor and TCU will not be repeated.