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The End Of An Era

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Is this how it should have ended?

(No comment needed.)
(No comment needed.)
(Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

Oregon St. senior quarterback Sean Mannion's collegiate career came to an end on a ball that went off of Hunter Jarmon's hands, falling incomplete. It was the 651st incompleteion of Mannion's career. He then walked off the field, getting a hug from his anointed replacement Luke Del Rio on the way out. Indeed, 3 of Mannion's last 4 passes were imcompletions, and the 4th went for a 2 yard loss. And just like that, the career ended for the guy who threw more touchdown passes than any other Beaver ever, 83. There wasn't even an acknowledgement, much less a round of applause, for the guy who threw for more yards than any other passer in the history of the PCC/Pac-8/-10/-12. Ever.

13,600 yards, and Oregon St., a monument to clock and timeout management, didn't use 1 of the 2 timeouts they didn't use in the last half of the last game of the season, in order to allow what was left of what had been a sellout crowd of 45,722 to say thanks.

Perhaps it would have been better to figure out a way to acknowledge Mannion 4 passes earlier, or perhaps shortly thereafter, after Storm Woods' 3 yard touchdown run, for Oregon St.'s last touchdown of the season. A touchdown set up by Mannion's 8 yard run, and then a 23 yard completion to Woods, to start the 4th quarter.

Perhaps it would have been better to figure out a lot of things better.

We'll discuss those issues further in the days, weeks, and months to come.

For now, I'd like to thank a large group of seniors, who for some reason were playing as the visitors in their own stadium, wearing their road jerseys, and for that matter a large number of seniors in the band as well, for their efforts over the last several years.

And appreciate one last time 1,187 completions, 13,600 yards, and 83 touchdowns, most of which I saw in person.

It should have ended better.