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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Everyone at BuildingTheDam hopes all members of Beaver Nation have a great Thanksgiving, including the Women's Basketball team enjoying it in Hawaii, and even our green and purple neighbors (and yes, the crimson ones too). It's that time for family, food, and even some football. And it might be the only opportunity soon for Beaver fans to eat some roast fowl of any sort!

We are as always thankful for those who follow Oregon St., and our coverage of the Beavers, but we are always especially thankful for the young men and women who provide us the special privilege of watching the sports we enjoy so much, including the sounds and color that make them so special. We are thankful and blessed that a blown coverage, a turnover, a dubious game plan, or a late game start are often the most serious thing we have to worry about.

Enjoy the day, enjoy your family, and enjoy a good feast!

(And get ready for the Civil War Saturday Night!)

Go Beavs!