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2014 BTD Top 25: Final Countdown

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As the regular season winds down we give our thoughts on the national picture.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

Rank Team Points
1 Oregon 99
2 Alabama 95
3 FSU 89
T-4 TCU 86
T-4 Mississippi State 86
6 Baylor 83
7 Ohio State 74
8 Georgia 64
9 Kansas State 60
T-10 Michigan State 57
T-10 Arizona 57
12 UCLA 56
13 Wisconsin 52
14 Arizona State 51
15 Marshall 48
16 Auburn 39
17 Georgia Tech 34
18 Colorado State 31
19 Oklahoma 25
20 Missouri 24
21 Ole Miss 20
22 Minnesota 18
23 Boise State 15
24 Louisville 8
25 LSU 7

Individual Polls:

Chris Andy Kurt Robert
1 Oregon Oregon Oregon Alabama
2 Alabama Florida St. Alabama Oregon
3 FSU TCU Mississippi St Mississippi St.
4 Baylor Alabama Baylor Florida St.
5 TCU Mississippi St. TCU TCU
6 Ohio State Baylor Florida State Ohio St.
7 Mississippi State UCLA Georgia Baylor
8 Marshall Marshall Ohio State Kansas St.
9 Michigan State Colorado St. Arizona Georgia
10 Georgia Ohio St. Auburn Wisconsin
11 UCLA Arizona Kansas State Michigan St.
12 Wisconsin Kansas St. Michigan State Arizona St.
13 Kansas State Arizona St. Arizona State Arizona
14 Arizona Georgia Wisconsin Marshall
15 Arizona State Michigan St. UCLA UCLA
16 Georgia Tech Wisconsin Mississippi Georgia Tech
17 Auburn Georgia Tech Oklahoma Missouri
18 Colorado State Boise St. Minnesota Auburn
19 Oklahoma Missouri LSU Oklahoma
20 Ole Miss Auburn Utah Colorado St.
21 Missouri Louisville Georgia Tech Minnesota
22 Boise State Clemson Nebraska Mississippi
23 Louisville Minnesota Missouri Boise State
24 Minnesota Oklahoma USC Memphis
25 Utah State Utah St. Arkansas Northern Illinois


There was a lot of disagreement at the bottom of the rankings, and that allowed LSU to punch into the bottom of the ranks with a single high vote. I view them as irrelevant at this point, but depending on the view of the SEC one could push them up a little higher. Arkansas also crept onto a ballot, but as they still sit 6-5 and frankly haven't played all that well except for the last couple games.

Andy and I are still partial to Marshall, and ranked them well above the others. Our high ranks are likely the outliers still, but as stated last week it remains extremely difficult to stay undefeated regardless of the conference. Boise State has started appearing as well, they have had a decent year and are now starting to get recognized in the national media as well, popping into the AP poll at number 25.