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Baseball Draft Signing Deadline Today @2pm Pacific

Will Ben Wetzler and Scott Schultz come back to OSU? We should find out today.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The signing deadline is today at 2pm PST. I'm going to try to keep an eye on twitter and other sources today to see if they're coming back or not.

Baseball America has an update, notably:

Oregon State lefthander Ben Wetzler (fifth round) continues to negotiate with the Phillies.

No direct word on Schultz. Neither Wetzler's nor Schultz's Twitter accounts are tipping their hand. The Philadelphia Phillies (for Wetzler) and Florida Miami Marlins accounts might also be useful, but I doubt it.

Jake Rodriguez and Dan Child already signed with the Astros and Phillies, respectively, giving up their final years of eligibility. And seniors Matt Boyd, Tyler Smith and Danny Hayes are playing pro ball as well.

As per the above linked Baseball America article, WSU's Jason Monda is expected to stay in school. Fullerton and Oregon both convinced first round pitchers drafted out of high school to attend college, although Oregon's seemed mostly injury related. Big 12 Player of the Year, Kansas State second baseman Ross Kivett, is not expected to sign. You might remember him from that two out triple in the ninth against OSU in the Game 1 of the Super Regional that seemed like such a terrible thing for about 48 hours.

If you get wind of something, post it in the comments. Hopefully, today is a great day to be a Beaver!