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Storm Woods Out; Scrimmage Won't Be Scored

Storm Woods suffered concussion-like symptoms after being belted by Ryan Murphy.
Storm Woods suffered concussion-like symptoms after being belted by Ryan Murphy.
(Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

Head Coach Mike Riley had several pieces of disappointing news Tuesday as Oregon St. spring practice approaches its end.

Storm Woods has been diagnosed with concussion-like symptoms, and will probably miss Friday night's spring scrimmage, which will be televised by the Pac-12 Network. Woods was hit hard early in Monday's practice, on the 9th play of the day, when safety Ryan Murphy came up in run support. Woods participated in a couple more plays, but was pulled out of practice by RB coach Chris Brasfield.

"They labeled it a concussion," Woods, who sat out today's drills said, "but it's nothing big. I have today off, and tomorrow (there's no practice scheduled for Wednesday), and I hope to start running soon, and get back out there."

It remains to be seen if Woods will see any further contact this spring, but its likely the team will be careful with their starting running back. Terron Ward and Chris Brown provide ample depth for the rest of the week at the position.

The scrimmage will officially be just that, according to Riley, who said he's not interested in dividing up the club into teams. Riley explained he plans to run the scrimmage similar to what has been seen in practice, but at a greater pace, and without numerous sessions being 7 on 7, and other position group specific work, going 11 on 11, with 1s vs 1s, 2s vs 2s, and etc. While the team is deeper than the last couple of years, there's still not enough depth at some position to staff 2 teams.

"There is no way I'm going to play Brandin Cooks for a full game," Riley said. "No way. It's not about winning spring practice, its about getting ready for the fall."

Accordingly, score won't be kept. The familiar fan fare will preceed the game on Parker Plaza, starting at 4 PM Friday, and will include the usual autograph session from 4:45 until 5:45. Other sports events including PAC-12 baseball and softball and a track meet will precede the game.

In addition to Woods, a couple of additional reserve players left practice early due to injuries not thought to be serious. Safety Kendall Hill walked off under his own power, but didn't return due to a knee injury, and offensive lineman Justin Addie also left practice drills early, with a leg injury.

Riley also announced that the team is one player smaller, as junior to be reserve cornerback Mishawn Cummings left the team Monday night. Riley said Cummings plans to transfer.

Cummings, who is from San Jose, CA, has been in the program for two seasons. He saw action on special teams last season, after redshirting in 2011.