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BTD Top 25 - Trojan Charge

USC was the story of the weekend, upsetting Stanford in the Coliseum.

Do a barrel roll.
Do a barrel roll.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Poll:

1 Alabama 125
2 Florida State 119
3 Ohio St 113
4 Baylor 102
5 Oregon 101
6 Clemson 87
7 Oklahoma State 80
8 Missouri 78
9 Stanford 75
10 Northern Illinois 74
11 Louisville 68
12 Auburn 67
13 Texas A&M 65
14 Wisconsin 63
15 South Carolina 61
16 UCLA 47
T-17 LSU 45
T-17 Michigan State 45
19 Fresno State 44
20 UCF 37
21 Arizona State 32
22 Oklahoma 25
23 USC 22
24 Duke 10
25 Minnesota 6

Individual Poll:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Florida State Ohio State Florida St. Florida State Florida St.
3 Ohio St Florida State Baylor Baylor Baylor
4 Baylor Northern Illinois Ohio St. Ohio State Ohio St.
5 Oregon Clemson Oregon Oregon Oregon
6 Clemson Oregon Louisville Auburn Auburn
7 Wisconsin Oklahoma State Northern Illinois Missouri Clemson
8 Louisville Wisconsin Fresno St. Texas A&M Missouri
9 Oklahoma State South Carolina Auburn Stanford Texas A&M
10 Northern Illinois Stanford Missouri Clemson Oklahoma St.
11 Texas A&M Missouri Texas A&M Oklahoma State Stanford
12 LSU UCF Stanford South Carolina Northern Illinois
13 Stanford Louisville Oklahoma St. Wisconsin Fresno St.
14 UCLA Michigan State UCLA LSU UCLA
15 South Carolina LSU Clemson UCLA Louisville
16 Missouri Baylor Arizona St. Michigan State South Carolina
17 Fresno State Oklahoma South Carolina Georgia Michigan St.
18 Auburn Notre Dame Michigan St. USC Oklahoma
19 Arizona State Arizona State UCF Central Florida Wisconsin
20 Michigan State Michigan USC Louisville Arizona St.
21 USC Mississippi Wisconsin Oklahoma UCF
22 UCF Duke LSU Fresno State LSU
23 Oklahoma Miami (Florida) Minnesota Northern Illinois USC
24 Minnesota Auburn Duke Arizona State Duke
25 Duke Georgia North Dakota St. Duke Minnesota


The big story of the weekend was USC upsetting Stanford in LA, and frankly that was almost the only major story of the weekend. After this loss it dropped the Cardinal to the edge of the top 10 at number 9, despite the highest vote being number 9. That can likely be attributed to disagreement in the top 10 by the committee, as each top 10 varies starting at number 2. There are 16 teams in the 5 separate ballots.

USC jumped up to to number 23, and they might be able to jump up further, as they are already close to number 22 Oklahoma in the votes. They still have a negative stigma from the terrible opening while they were still coached by Lane Kiffin, but that is not really fair anymore. Under Ed Orgeron they have looked excellent, they are using their athletes to the fullest now, bashing opponents in the run game, and the defense looks strong and extremely fast. It will not be surprising to watch them continue to climb for the rest of the year.

Oklahoma State beat Texas and moved up a couple spots as a result, as it was a quality win over the Big 12 leaders, but it was a minor bump up. Auburn had a small rise as well, and South Carolina had a slight fall, despite taking a close one from middling Florida. Michigan State beat Nebraska and moved up a result of that victory.

The bottom three of the rankings all fell out with losses and USC (as mentioned), Duke, who beat Miami, and Minnesota. Duke, who leads the coastal division in the ACC, was surprising, but as they have just continued to win and have only one bad loss to Georgia Tech it was tough to keep them out. Minnesota has flown under the radar and has always been on the edge of the top 25. They just kept on hanging on, and now has accumulated enough votes to finally break through.