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BTD Top 25 - Out of the Pack

The Beavers loss to Stanford dropped them from being on the edge of the top 25 to barely even a mention.

Steve Dykes

Consensus Poll:

1 Alabama 125
2 Oregon 120
3 Florida State 114
4 Ohio St 111
5 Stanford 97
6 Miami 88
7 Baylor 84
8 Clemson 80
9 LSU 77
10 Missouri 69
11 Oklahoma 63
12 Northern Illinois 54
13 Oklahoma State 53
T-14 Louisville 52
T-14 Texas A&M 52
16 Auburn 49
17 Wisconsin 48
18 South Carolina 44
19 Texas Tech 41
20 UCLA 36
21 Michigan 33
T-22 Notre Dame 25
T-22 Fresno State 25
24 UCF 20
25 Arizona State 17

Individual Polls:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
3 Florida State Ohio State Florida St. Florida State Florida St.
4 Ohio St Florida State Ohio St. Ohio State Ohio St.
5 Baylor Northern Illinois Baylor Baylor Baylor
6 Miami Stanford Miami Stanford Stanford
7 Clemson Clemson Stanford LSU Miami, FL
8 Stanford Miami (Florida) Louisville Missouri Missouri
9 Wisconsin Oklahoma State Northern Illinois Auburn Clemson
10 Louisville Wisconsin Fresno St. Texas A&M LSU
11 LSU LSU Missouri Clemson Oklahoma
12 Oklahoma State South Carolina Texas A&M Wisconsin Texas Tech
13 Northern Illinois Oklahoma Auburn UCLA Auburn
14 Oklahoma Michigan LSU Oklahoma Michigan
15 Texas A&M Missouri Oklahoma Miami (FL) Oklahoma St.
16 UCLA Notre Dame Clemson Texas Tech South Carolina
17 South Carolina UCF Texas Tech Central Florida Texas A&M
18 Texas Tech Louisville Michigan Louisville UCLA
19 Missouri Georgia UCF South Carolina Louisville
20 Notre Dame Arizona State Oklahoma St. Notre Dame Northern Illinois
21 Fresno State Washington UCLA Oklahoma State Fresno St.
22 Arizona State Mississippi South Carolina Georgia UCF
23 Auburn Auburn Texas Arizona State Notre Dame
24 Michigan State Texas A&M Arizona St. Northern Illinois Arizona St.
25 Michigan Fresno State Michigan St. Michigan State Wisconsin


There were four ranked teams (from the BTD poll) that went down, so the rankings are not nearly as jumbled as they were last weekend. Missouri fell in double overtime to South Carolina, and fell a paltry three spots to number 10, which is more of a high valuation of the SEC more than Missouri, who has been okay so far, but is not overly impressive. It feels ridiculous in my opinion that when UCLA lost to Oregon, who might be the best team in the country, they dropped seven spots to 20. They were dominated certainly, but the value of the losses should not be so different.

Virginia Tech dropped out of the rankings losing to an unranked Duke team, and with the state of the ACC it will be difficult for them to make a recovery. Miami struggled against Wake Forest which is not exactly a powerhouse, and Baylor jumped them in all the rankings but Connor's, where they remain unranked. They will play a ranked team in Oklahoma next week though which offers them the chance to really prove themselves.

Texas Tech was the other loser on the weekend dropping to Oklahoma, dropping a whopping eight spots all the way to 19, which also seems odd considering that was their first loss of the season. They fell past a couple two-loss teams which were not coincidentally SEC teams as well.

Oregon State dropped all the way out of the picture, being relegated to RVM votes again. In the national ranks they are still getting some votes, but that will likely be the extent unless they can break off another long winning streak.