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BTD Top 25 - Upset City

There was a lot of movement in the rankings this week with major upsets and big wins as well.

Florida State delivered in primetime at Clemson.
Florida State delivered in primetime at Clemson.
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Poll:

1 Alabama 125
2 Oregon 120
3 Florida State 114
4 Ohio St 111
5 Stanford 91
6 Miami 88
7 Missouri 85
8 Clemson 83
9 Baylor 82
10 LSU 66
T-11 Louisville 57
T-11 Texas Tech 57
13 UCLA 55
14 Northern Illinois 53
15 Oklahoma 51
16 Oklahoma State 47
17 Wisconsin 45
18 Texas A&M 44
19 Auburn 37
20 Virginia Tech 33
T-21 South Carolina 30
T-21 Michigan 30
23 Notre Dame 25
24 Fresno State 24
25 Arizona State 13

Individual Polls:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
3 Florida State Ohio State Florida St. Florida State Florida St.
4 Ohio St Florida State Ohio St. Ohio State Ohio St.
5 Miami Northern Illinois Baylor Baylor Missouri
6 Baylor Stanford Miami Missouri Baylor
7 Clemson Clemson Missouri Stanford Stanford
8 Stanford Miami (Florida) Texas Tech Clemson Texas Tech
9 Wisconsin Oklahoma State Louisville LSU Miami, FL
10 Louisville Missouri Northern Illlinois Auburn Clemson
11 LSU Wisconsin Stanford Texas A&M UCLA
12 UCLA LSU Fresno St. UCLA Oklahoma
13 Oklahoma State South Carolina Texas A&M Wisconsin Virginia Tech
14 Northern Illinois Oklahoma UCLA Miami (FL) Michigan
15 Oklahoma Michigan Clemson Texas Tech LSU
16 Texas Tech Notre Dame Virginia Tech Central Florida Oklahoma St.
17 Missouri UCF LSU Louisville Auburn
18 Texas A&M Louisville Auburn Oklahoma Texas A&M
19 South Carolina Nebraska Michigan Virginia Tech Louisville
20 Notre Dame Georgia Oklahoma Notre Dame South Carolina
21 Fresno State Arizona State Nebraska Oklahoma State Fresno St.
22 Arizona State Washington Oregon St. Georgia Northern Illinois
23 Virginia Tech Mississippi UCF South Carolina Notre Dame
24 Auburn Auburn Oklahoma St. Arizona State Arizona St.
25 Oregon State Texas Tech South Carolina Oregon State Oregon St.


This was easily the most varied ballot of the year with four teams losing in the top 10 and nine teams losing in the top 25.

Missouri continued to vault up the rankings, which I personally disagree with. Mizzou has beat some good teams, but Georgia is not even ranked anymore and Florida has been merely mediocre all year. The Tigers are good, but I do think number 7 is a bit much, I have them at 17, although rating them over one loss teams is not completely unreasonable.

Miami moved up to number six and Baylor is at number nine, which was surprising to me. They have been in the top 25 all year, but they have not done anything of real note for weeks since Miami beat Florida, which doesn't seem nearly as impressive now as it did then. Baylor will face Oklahoma who is probably a little overrated and Miami will have to face Florida State, so they will have to get to prove their rankings eventually.

The four teams that lost in the top 10 were LSU, South Carolina, Louisville, Texas A&M, and Clemson. Most only dropped a few spots, but Texas A&M dropped nine spots to number 18 and South Carolina fell all the way to 21 with their second loss and it was to a middling Tennessee team as well.

Other losers on the day were UCLA, Georgia, Washington, and Florida. Florida dropped out of the rankings with their third loss, which should knock them out for a long time. Georgia has been decimated with injuries but they have now lost two consecutive games and looked poor doing it. There is no way that a team with three losses should be ranked in front of one loss teams. UCLA dropped a couple spots, although they fell completely out of Connor's poll. Washington fell out of the ranks with their third loss as well, and this one was an absolute drubbing at the hands of Arizona State.

The Sun Devils climbed back to 25th in the poll, after the win against the Huskies. Auburn also shot up into the poll at 19, which again to me feels like an overrating with beating all these SEC teams, but it should be remembered that they struggled to beat a merely okay Wazzu team. Stanford jumped back up after their destruction of UCLA, and the rest of the movement were just shifts up from all the losses.

Oregon State was 25th in three polls and 21st in one, but there are still several teams in front. The seven points for OSU was good for 29th in this poll.