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Turning Point - Pouring It On

In this game the Beavs really took it to the Bears, and momentum was always in favor of Oregon State. In this installment of turning point it will take more of a look at when the game felt like it was over.

Rolling thunder!
Rolling thunder!
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There were two moments in the game that ended up taking Cal out of the game for good. The first was a 72 yard drive in the second quarter which put the Beavs up 21 to 3 and really made the Bears desperate.The second critical moment in the game was the drive following the aforementioned Beaver touchdown, in which Cal was moving the ball well until they were stopped at the OSU 29 yard line.

When OSU got the ball after a missed field goal by Cal kicker Vincenzo D'Amato the game was not yet out of hand, with it only being a three score game. The Beavs then took full control of the game using the recently trademarked "keep passing the ball because we can't run the ball" offensive plan. Sean Mannion took the Beavs down the field using screens and standard passing sets, which got the Beavs to the 14 for a 4th and 2. From there Riley stayed aggressive and ran a fly sweep with Brandin Cooks and converted it for a touchdown.

This was indicative of the difference in level between the Beavs and Bears in this game. The Beavs just felt like the better team at this point and there did not seem to be any way that Cal could consistently get stops against the Beaver offense. The game was not yet out of grasp though, Cal was still within shooting distance and made a charge following giving up the drive.

The Bears mounted up a drive after that, and also subscribed to the "keep passing the ball because we can't run the ball" offensive plan, as they had only gotten five yards rushing up to that point in the second quarter. They got big chunks of yardage per pass with gains of 12, 9, 22, and 9 in that order. That set up for a 2nd and 1 on the OSU 26, where they did a screen pass to Brendan Bigelow who was caught behind the line for a three yard loss. On the next play Jared Goff threw behind his intended receiver Darius Powe. On 4th and 4, Steven Nelson broke up the pass and the Cal drive was stopped without any points.

At this point Cal would not threaten again until they changed quarterbacks. In fact for the rest of Goff's time on the field, they would not even reach midfield. It was the last chance for the Bears and after that point they really weren't threatening. When Zach Kline came in for the Bears the Beavers had already moved up to 35-3, and though he seemed to spark the Bears the game was already well out of hand. All in all it was a solid performance for the Beavs, although it did feel like they left a few chances out there still.