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Stanford Another Night Game

Dress warmly.

Ezra Shaw

The Pac-12 announced its TV schedule for October 26th, and the Beavers drew the short/cold/black stick, and will host the Stanford Cardinal starting at 7:30pm.

On the plus side, the game is being broadcast nationally on ESPN, so if Oregon State can actually pull off the upset, they'll do it on a large stage.

And before we get all excited for this game against what will likely be a nationally ranked (possibly Top 10) foe, let's keep in mind that there is a game this weekend first, also a 7:30pm start, against the other Bay Area team.

The game the week after Stanford, against USC on Friday, November 1, has long been scheduled at 6pm. So if you're heading to that game, start planning your excuse to get out of work early now, as Highway 20, 34, and 99W are likely to be jammed all afternoon and evening.