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Sneak Peak At How The New BTD Will Look

You have seen the new logo, and heard about the redesign that's coming to, and all the SB Nation blogs, and now its right around the corner. If testing continues to go well, launch could come as soon as early next week.



We'll be continuing to experiment with formatting and layouts once we go live, and we'll have more flexibility to work with in doing so.

The good news is the revision will give us better performance, and more options on how to deliver content to you. The good news is also that nothing is going to be left behind, all the archives will still be there. A few things will be in different places, like all the links you love from the side bars, which will be available in the "Library".

Remember, this is test data (though you should recognize where it came from!), but it gives you a preview of what BTD is going to look like. We wouldn't want you to suddenly be shocked!

Do you like the look? Hate it? Or is it a wash as long as we are writing about beating the Bruins, Cougs, and Huskiies? (Can't promise about them Ducks, old layout or new!)