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Oregon St. Switches Into Badger Preparation Mode

In the wake of Saturday's season opener being called off, Oregon St. will take the day off from practice today, as the coaches shift gears to preparation of plans for Wisconsin, who will visit Reser next Saturday.

The players will resume work tomorrow (Friday), getting an early start on the Badgers. Oregon St. will practice from 11:30 AM until apprx. 1:30 PM both Friday and Saturday.

Wisconsin, the 2 time defending Big-10 Champions, opens their season Saturday at 2:30 CDT (12:30 PDT) against the FCS Northern Iowa Panthers. The game will be televised on the Big Ten Network, providing a scouting opportunity for Beaver Nation.

Ticket Situation Update: Oregon St. will honor tickets for Saturday's game at the rescheduled game if that comes about. The Athletic Department Ticket Office will also offer refunds, if ticket holders so desire. There's no urgency to make a decision, as the refunds will be available throughout the season, according to the ticket office, with a cutoff to be announced later, after more details about revisions to scheduling are finalized.