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Oregon St. Opener Against Nicholls St. To Be At Noon Sept.1, On Pac-12 Network


Oregon St.'s football season opener has been set for a noon start, and when the Beavers host Nicholls St., it will be televised on one of the Pac-12 Networks. Probably the in-state regional one.

The schedule for the first games on the Networks is out, and there are 2 noon games that day, with Nevada at California at the same time. Given that the Pac-12 network has no game in the 3:30-4 kickoff window, it seems most strange that either the Oregon St. or the California game is not in that slot, which is going to go to waste.

Remember to go to the Pac-12's page for requesting your satellite/cable carrier carry the Pac-12 networks.

The second game's start time has been set for 1 PM, as FX has picked up the Beavers' contest with 2 time Big 10 Champion Wisconsin. FX has never aligned their coverage windows with other carriers, but the Badgers having been to the last 2 Rose Bowls pretty much guaranteed national coverage on one of the primary carriers for this game.

Football in 77 days!

Go Beavs!