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Selection Monday Open Thread

Road to Omaha Selection Show - ESPNU - 9:00 AM Pacific

The Beavers enter NCAA Selection Monday pretty sure of their fate, for once. The Beavers will likely be a two seed out on the east coast, but they could also get sent to somewhere like Baton Rouge, Gary, Houston, Waco, or College Station. Receiving a National Seed or a one seed will not happen. However, while unlikely, a three seed is not out of the question either.

If you are here just because you are a fan of college baseball, click the jump to see some of my predictions for the entire field.

Here's the bracket.

National Seeds

1. Florida State
3. Florida
4. LSU
5. North Carolina
6. Baylor
7. South Carolina
8. Oregon

First three out #1 seeds out - Rice, Stanford, Texas A&M

Last Five Teams In The Field

Sam Houston State, SE Louisiana, New Mexico State, Cal Poly, East Carolina

First Five Teams Out

Wake Forest, Maryland, Michigan State, College of Charleston, Gonzaga

Go Beavs!