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Oregon St. Softball Receives NCAA Bid

After a 34-21 campaign, including going 9-14 in the Pac-12 Conference, the toughest softball circuit in the country, the Oregon St. softball team is 1 of 8 Pac-12 teams headed for the NCAA tournament.

Actually, the Beavers are one of only two "headed" somewhere, along with Stanford, as the conference has 6 teams hosting regionals. Think about that if you need to know anything about how tough the Pac is, where a team that does not even finish in the top half of the conference gets to host a regional. It's why the conference has won 23 of the 30 CWS that have been contested.

The Beavers are headed for Norman, Oklahoma, and the Oklahoma regional, where they will face Tulsa (41-12) Friday at 5 PM CDT (3 PM PDT). The other half of the the regional has Oklahoma (45-8) hosting LeHigh (40-17). It's the first post-season appearance for Oregon St. in 5 years.

League champion California (50-4), is the overall #1 seed. Other conference teams hosting regionals include Arizona St. (46-7), Oregon (39-15), UCLA (36-18), Arizona (35-17), and Washington (36-17). Stanford (38-17) is headed for the Louisiana-Lafayette regional.

Go Beavers!