Building Baseball Success In The Northwest


Building a successful baseball program in the wet northwest requires both the right facilities and the right players, as fans of Oregon St. well know. The Gazette-Times' Cliff Kirkpatrick has an excellent in-depth look at how Oregon St. pioneered the move forward that has and is spreading across the region, which we now see play out in terms of more competitive teams in both the Pac-12 and the WCC. Specialized facilities are necessary to compete, but there's still the issue of getting players. Limited numbers of prospects in the region and challenges getting out-of-area players are addressed by facilities that allow those players to be successful, but there's also the issue of competition with professional baseball. Cliff has also taken a look at what kind of players Oregon St. recruits, and can recruit. Head Coach Pat Casey and Associate Head Coach / Recruiting Coordinator Marty Lees shared some great insights into what it takes to make the Beavers contenders, and some frank insight into what has "gone wrong" (to the limited extent it has) in recent years, relative to the lofty standards the CWS teams established.