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SB Nation Adds YouTube Channel

Readers of know that we have brother blogs covering not only each conference team, and many other universities' teams, including all the BCS AQ/Power Conferences, and all the pro teams. And you doubtless check out for news on all sports fronts.

But did you know the largest network of sports websites has also gone video? SB Nation has partnered with YouTube to create a brand new video channel, which will bring sports fans both regular updates, special features, and reports on breaking news. There's even a handy Video link in the Navigation bar at the top of every page, right next to the Ticket link, which, if you haven't used it yet, finds the best deals available on tickets to upcoming Beaver games.

For example, one of today's breaking national stories is the Bounty Program involving the New Orleans Saints. The SB Nation YouTube Channel expands the coverage of this story.

The channel is just getting started, and the amount of content available will only be growing going forward. You can subscribe to make sure you don't miss a thing.