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Three Oregon St. Players Arrested After Bar Brawl

Rudolph Fifita is the highest profile of the 3 Oregon St. players arrested after a brawl in a Corvallis bar early Saturday morning.
Rudolph Fifita is the highest profile of the 3 Oregon St. players arrested after a brawl in a Corvallis bar early Saturday morning.
(Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

UPDATED 12/10 1 PM

An apparent night out at the end of finals week went awry Friday night, resulting in a brawl early Saturday morning, which resulted in 3 members of the Oregon St. football team in jail.

According to a report by Lt. Cord Wood of the Corvallis Police Department, the arrests occurred at about 2:20 AM Saturday morning, after police were called to a fight outside the restroom of the Impulse Bar and Grill at 1425 N.W. Monroe Ave.

The Impulse, readers will recall, was also the sight of several incidents involving multiple other Oregon St. players last winter and early spring.

Rudolf Fifita, 26, a senior defensive end from Euless, Tesas, Mana Rosa, 21, a junior defensive tackle from Haiku, Hawaii, and Dyllon Kalana Mafi, 20, from Oakland, California, were all arrested and booked into local jails on felony charges of third degree assault and disorderly conduct, and. Mafi also was charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol and "misrepresenting age by a minor," for using someone else's ID to buy alcohol at the Impulse, according to Wood's report.

Wood said that Fifita and a man he referred to as "victim 1" in the report got into a heated exchange of words. A friend of "victim 1" got between him and Fifita, and seemed to cool things down. However, as the men were leaving, Wood said that Fifita allegedly threw a punch, striking "victim 1." At that point, Rosa and Mafi reportedly joined in, and the man who had tried to intervene as well as "victim 1" ended up getting punched "multiple times," Wood said.

"When the bouncer from Impulse showed up, the three suspects fled," he said. Police arrived, and "the players were identified and arrested a short distance away."

Fifita was booked into the Linn County jail, with bail set at $157,500, while Mafi and Rosa were lodged at the Benton County jail, with Mafi's bail set at $161,000 and Rosa's at $157,500.

The 3 having reportedly fled the scene apparently figured into setting the bail amounts so high.

Wood did not release the names of the other men involved in the fight, nor their ages or hometowns, or their condition after the incident. Wood said reports still were being prepared, and didn't elaborate on the nature of the comments exchanged before the fight.

The three players are scheduled to be arraigned in Benton County Circuit Court Monday afternoon at 1:20 PM.

Head coach Mike RIley and most of the coaching staff are out of town recruiting, and Riley could not reached for comment. Riley will likely address the matter on Monday, when practice is scheduled to resume for the Alamo Bowl, and after getting more details about the incident.

Should a suspension of Fifita for the Alamo Bowl, his last game as a Beaver, result, its likely to have the greatest impact on the team. Fifta has been in the defensive rotation, and played in all 12 games this season, recording 25 tackles and 2 1/2 sacks.

Rosa also played in all 12 games, and his loss would leave an already thin offensive line at risk in the event of any other player losses.

Mafi only saw action in 2 games this fall.

We'll have more information this week as further details are released.

Update 12/10 1 PM:

After practice Monday, Riley announced the 3 are suspended "indefinitely", and said it was likely to stay that way. But Riley also said he hadn't had a chance to talk to the players yet, and wouldn't make any long-term decisions until he had a chance to do so.