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Merry Christmas!

(And a Happy Holiday [Bowl] Season!)

It's been an incredible year, one that saw the best basketball seasons in years, and another baseball run to the post-season. A football off-season that only the most optimistic thought would result in a low-tier bowl got off to an unexpectedly good start with a win over 2-time Rose Bowl participant Wisconsin, who would find their way to Pasadena again, and then unprecedented back to back road wins in September.

And a football season that didn't collapse when quarterback Sean Mannion suffered a knee injury. Despite a couple of games that got away, and the annual Civil War shortcoming that has been the norm in the "Era of Chip", Oregon St. still managed the biggest turnaround in one year in the history of the program or the conference, and Wednesday we leave for San Antonio, and what will be the 5th. or 6th. biggest bowl game in Beaver history.

And we have already had snow at Reser!


At the same time, we have been repeatedly visited by tragedy, starting with the sudden loss of Fred Thompson, and ending with news of tragic violence both in the area and from clear across the country. All these events remind us that we are fortunate to be able to pursue our passions, and you never know when or if there will be another opportunity to do so.

We at are thankful for our Beavers and our good fortune, and for our friends in Beaver Nation. May peace and happiness, family and fellowship, and a happy holiday season be the gift to Beavers everywhere (and even Ducks and Huskies!).

(Photo by Cody Vaz)