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Oregon State rolls over Nicholls 77 to 3

In a season that saw a lot of tough games Oregon State finishes the regular season with an easy win over Nicholls 77 to 3. Various records fell as the Beavs score on their first 11 possessions and as Coach Riley said "we were pretty darn consistent."

Steve Dykes

Oregon State rolls over Nicholls 77 to 3 in a game that was never in doubt from the opening scoring drive by the Beavs. Sean Mannion (20 - 22 for 231 yards) and Cody Vaz (14 - 18 for 190 yards) both looked sharp as the Beavs score on eleven of their first eleven drives and racked up 683 total yards (the final possession was just a run the clock out deal after an OSU interception). All of which setting a school record.

The Nicholls Colonels just were over-matched on both sides of the ball. The Oregon State defense controlled the line of scrimmage for most of the game holding the Colonels to 220 total yards. Even with the second and third string teams in the game the Beavs continued to play with swagger and energy and were able to close the season strong. What a year makes in that this one played out how you would think a Pac-12 team like Oregon State would control a FCS team.

The first half was the Storm Woods and Markus Wheaton show as Woods ran for 54 yards and two TDs in the first quarter; and Wheaton rushed for one TD and caught 12 balls for 123 yards and one TD. Wheaton also overtook James Rodgers as the all-time reception leader at OSU.

The second half was a showcase for the guys who have not had much playing time. We were able to see TDs by Freshman Richard Mullaney, Junior Kevin Cummings, Sophomore Obum Gwacham, Senior Jordan Jenkins, and Freshman Michael Balfour.

In a game where there was no mystery now the 9 and 3 Beavs will wait to see what Bowl invitation they will receive.

Congrats Beavers on a great season!