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Best OSU Game of 2010-2011 Tourney, 1 vs 2 (Championship)

We have reached the Championship of our annual tournament and it features the one seed @ UCLA (Game 2) baseball game against the two seed USC football game.

In the UCLA baseball game, Josh Osich threw a no-hitter to defeat Trevor Bauer and the Bruins, 2-0. The win clinched the series for the Beavers against UCLA.

In the USC football game, the Beavers upset the 20th ranked Trojans, 36-7. The Beavers dominated from start to finish in front of a Beaver Nation crowd that was begging for some good football after seeing back to back losses against UCLA and Washington State.

After scoring just three points in the first quarter, Oregon State added 17 in the second quarter to take a 20-0 lead at the half. The Beavers cruised from there, and Beaver Nation celebrated by rushing the field.

Voting will close on Wednesday morning at 12:05 AM. Here are the links to the game stories for both of the games:

@ UCLA, Game Two, Baseball

USC, Football

Your vote can be based on either the game you would want to watch again, or the game that you think the Beavers played best in. Whatever you want.