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Best OSU Game of 2010-2011 Tourney, 3 vs 6 (1st Round)

The first round continues with the three seed @ Arizona football game against the six seed @ UCLA (Game One) baseball game. The voting should be tight in this one, as both were very exciting games.

In the Arizona football game, the Beavers upset the 10th ranked Wildcats, 29-27. The game was one of the most exciting football games of the seasons, with Oregon State leading by ten points twice throughout the game, once at 17-7 and again at 23-13. The Wildcats did mount a good comeback by cutting the score to 29-27 with 1:55 remaining, but the Beavers would recover the onside kick and win the game.

The UCLA baseball game was one of many comebacks by the Beavers in the 2011 season. Sam Gaviglio struggled with his command early on in the game, putting the Beavers in a 5-1 hole entering the fifth inning. But the Beaver bats would pick Gaviglio up, rallying for six runs in the fifth inning. No more runs were scored, for either team, and the Beavers won game one of the series, 7-5.

Voting will close on Friday morning at 12:15 AM. Here are the links to the game stories for both of the games:

@ Arizona, Football

@ UCLA, Game One, Baseball

Your vote can be based on either the game you would want to watch again, or the game that you think the Beavers played best in. Whatever you want.