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Connor Climbs The Ladder readers have doubtless noticed that the seemingly endless stream of great content that Connor has contributed for years has indeed ended.

No, the little guy didn't get trampled by Grant Johnson, or squished by Joe Burton, while covering a Beaver practice (although that could have happened a few times).

Connor has "climbed the ladder", and like Jake, the site's founder, got the chance to move up in the business. It's a different direction than where Jake was able to go, but its a product of the sports business, where opportunities come up. We are doing our job when young men go on to bigger successes.

Connor is now a co-editor of's Pac-12 conference site. And while it's a competitor of SB Nation, its also an opportunity for Connor to expand his horizons, and we wish him well in this exciting opportunity.

RVM and I especially will miss Connor's tireless work, and can't express our thanks enough.

And we know Connor will remain a Beaver at heart, and doubtless drop in from time to time.

Go Connor! Go Beavs!