Brandon Hardin: Some Reassembly Required

Oregon St.'s starting corner back Brandon Hardin (17), who is also a part of several of the Beavers' special teams units, will have a screw inserted in his shoulder, and will be out indefinitely. (Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

The injury curse that has hampered Oregon St.'s preparations for the 2011 football season continues, with more injuries and player movements after yesterday's practice scrimmage. But the big one of the day is news this morning that starting senior cornerback Brandon Hardin, who skipped the scrimmage, and some other recent practices, with a left shoulder problem, will need to have a screw inserted in a broken bone, and will be out of action indefinitely. Surgery reportedly could come as soon as Monday. Reportedly, its a chipped bone near the shoulder socket.

"I hate it," head coach Mike Riley said. "He was poised for a great year. This really hurts, because he does so much more than just play corner."

Hardin was also a gunner on punt coverage, and was on the kickoff coverage unit as well.

The initial candidate to fill in for Hardin is sophomore Rashaad Reynolds, with Sean Martin as his backup. Assuming either one of them makes it thru 2 more weeks of practice intact.

Another move resulting from this development is running back Malcolm Marable being moved to corner. At 5'7" and 164 lbs. in his gear, the speedy but diminutive ex-running back is going to be challenged to match up with some of the bigger WRs he'll encounter.

Hardin hopes to be back after 4 or 5 games.

Updates on the injuries from the scrimmage are that reserve LB DJ Wech will be out 2-3 weeks with an arm injury, and backup offensive lineman Derek Nielsen is out indefinitely with an ankle sprain termed "severe". Also, the training staff has put the brakes on second string left and right tackle Michael Philip's efforts to return to practice due to issues with his knee. While it looks like Philipp wasn't going to start, with Colin Kelly having taken over the job at right tackle, even without the injury issue, Philipp's absence leaves the Beavers dangerously thin on the offensive line, since is the backup at multiple positions.

RB Terron Ward, who has looked likely to work into the running back rotation, reportedly needed a cortisone shot after yesterday's action as well. And RB Storm Woods rolled an ankle late in the scrimmage.

Friday morning's practice didn't help matters either, as freshman DT Brandon Bennett rolled his ankle, and wound up on crutches.

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